What People REALLY Are.

So. Today has been quite the day, let me tell you. I go to school in Illinois and last week we had a semi massive blizzard. Well THIS week, the snow if off (some) of the sidewalks but everything is very Icy. Well, I’m usually extremely careful because If I fall, I’m going to stay down (fibromyalgia). Unfortunately, I was a victim of the ice today. I slipped outside going to class and fell promptly on my head. Thankfully, I suppose, there was a friend around who helped me off and helped me to the health center. I think it was because my the side of my head was growing to the size of a small mammal. I got some drugs pretty quickly (which is new, the Beau is generally slow as molasses) and went back to my dorm. I realized that I still had two classes left in the day but I had been advised not to go anywhere because the shit they gave me for swelling and pain causes you to become dizzy and disoriented. My Micro class would be alright because I had some friends there who I could copy notes from. Then I realized my Parasitology teacher writes on the board, so I might be shit out of luck. So, I texted a friend and asked if she could take notes for me…even though she’s not IN that class. My teacher would undoubtedly understand she’s there filling in for the 50 minutes. I’ve done this friend many favors and have asked for nothing in return. However, like humans do, this person is all of a sudden incapable of helping me. Seriously. She did NOT have class at 4, when parasitology is. Her reasoning was that she takes horrible notes…and that she’d “miss something”. I told her that my teacher writes on the board so there’s no way to miss it and he usually asks if everyone is ready to move on before erasing. She claims she’d STILL somehow miss it…and can’t explain why it happens. Which is odd, considering I’ve seen her notebook that is contained with notes. I could care LESS if she missed something (still not understanding that). It’s better than NOTHING at all. So, I’m baffled and really pissed off by this. Yet, she still sticks to the fact that she can’t because she’d miss something. Well then I guess I’m confused as to how the fuck did she get into college? I did not ask her to travel the world to find chewbacca. I just asked for her to sit in a 50 minute class and write down some words written on the board..in ENGLISH, that she didn’t even have to understand. As much as I have done for this person, it’s a bit of a slap in the face. I would have done it for her. I know I would have. I guess I can’t depend on anyone but myself, which I do mostly. I just thought that she’d have my back.

This situation reminds me of something I wrote awhile back. Read if you like, I think it’s pretty true to life. It’s kind of like the flip side to the situation.

Ordinary People
by ~Medoriko

We are who we are
One in All
Ordinary people.

But not always humane
Not always understanding
But nevertheless

Reaching for the top.
Wherever it might lay
Searching for the riches
Glitz, glamor and gold
In money and appeal.
Even though it lies
In the love of another
In matters of the heart
We are still
Ordinary People.

We are dominating creatures
Cruel and callous
Hearts of glass
Hard as stone
Brittle down
To our hollowed bones.
But yet we live
And breathe
As people do.
As we pretend to do.
Who we pretend we are
Who we’d like to think we are.
Who we might have been.

Yet it doesn’t matter
Because it can’t.
It isn’t everything we are
Or everything we could ever become.
Because we aren’t stable
We tumble
Slip and fall
To pieces.
As we decay
We have to know
One and All
We’re nothing but
Ordinary People.
Peace Bitches ❤

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Yours truly. A somewhat cranky, highly sarcastic, but usually mild mannered poet with a love for Coheed and Cambria, body modification, smoothies, video games, a good book, and vegetarian delights. I love being an Oreo, and I hope you'll love me for it too

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that my love, I was so hoping you were going to have a good day. I would certainly take notes for you no problem if I was visiting, or certainly take good care of you ❤ Hope you feel better soon.


  2. It’s quite alright. These things happen. I wish you were here to help lol Thankfully, tomorrow will be an easy day and we don’t have school friday here. It’ll be a good time to get things done INSIDE and not have to worry about class 🙂

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