A Different Kind of Valentines Day Rant. :)

Valentines Day Rant (not an Anti-Valentines Day rant)

Ok. So this, for the record, is NOT an Anti-Valentines Day rant…or a “I hate it because I’m single” rant. I’m HAPPILY taken, thanks. This is more of a, “I’m tired of hearing/seeing people bitch about Valentines Day because they’re single and besides it’s a stupid excuse of a holiday anyway” type rant. If you think this might offend you, then I suggest not reading. Mainly, if you bitch about what I say, I’m going to rip you a new one because I warned you.

Now…to the reason I get annoyed. Valentines Day is a lame ass holiday. I understand the intention behind it. It’s supposed to be a day to give your loved one something special, do something special, treat them and show that you love them. Um. Shouldn’t you do that anyway? Shouldn’t EVERYDAY be “Valentines Day”? (without the gifts, I suppose). It shouldn’t be one day a year you show someone how much you love them. Ok, maybe that day can be you going over the TOP…but there’s no real reason to break your back (and wallet) to do so. That’s what Christmas is for (I mean that sarcastically, for the record). I personally don’t do anything for that day (for a few reasons to which I’ll address later).

As SOON as it’s Valentines Day (on facebook at least), there’s an overwhelming majority of status’s, or groups, or ‘likes’ about hating valentines day. The one that makes me laugh in particular is when people say “Happy Singles Awareness Day” blah blah blah. Ok…So you JUST realized you were single? How did it not occur to you that you were unhappily single for the other 364 days of the year (or whatever the amount of days happened to be). I would think everyday is Singles Awareness Day!…for however long you happen to BE single. How is it that February 14th just SCREAMS “Shit, nobody likes me” or “My ex is a douche bag, that’s why I’m single) etc. I have zero family in my life. My family is pretty small and nonexistent, so I’m not a fan of Thanksgiving. However, I bitch routinely through the year. Yes, Thanksgiving does make me more aware. However, it’s not like I’m ALL of a sudden enlightened on my lack of family on that day. I try to be consistent. I mean, YES the shit they sell at Walmart for V-day, the commercials, and the lovey dovey couples do jar the memory. But, to be honest, you’re not missing much. It’s ONE day of chocolates that you’ll eat (or they melt), flowers that will die, going on a date that’s pretty much just another date only slightly elevated. Then, the day is over. That’s about it. I think a more FUN alternative is be Valentines with your friends 🙂 I do that usually even though I’m not single. It’s more fun. I guess. I think Anniversaries are more meaningful than Valentines Day.

The last thing that I want to bitch about is that people generally bitch AT people who aren’t single. I have in the past been bitched at about V-Day. Single people have mainly said that I didn’t understand what it’s like to not have a valentine, I’m dating so I can’t talk, and that they give me the evil eye for dismissing V-day when I’m taken. Ok. Seriously. Not every single person who is dating someone celebrates Valentines Day. I certainly do not. I may say ‘Oh hey. Happy Valentines Day Paul’. But that’s about all. Granted, we ARE in a long distance relationship but it’s not like he can’t send a card, or buy flowers to be sent to me…or mail a gift. Yet, we do none of these things. Because we don’t CARE. I save those things for anniversaries or birthdays. Yes, I DO know what it’s like to not have a Valentine. There was a pre-Paul period of my life. We’ve been dating almost 6 years, there WAS life before that where I didn’t have a boyfriend/valentine. I managed to live through it, somehow. (/sarcasm). Secondly, Yes I can talk. I may not be single, but I can bitch about Valentines day if I wanted. I mean, it IS a long distance relationship. So, if I wanted to do something special, I could not. Just sayin. Lastly, sorry that I don’t utilize my dating status to celebrate a somewhat corny holiday that’s more about spending money ON someone than just being with them like you should anyway. I mean, I’ve known people who treat teach other like SHIT most days of the year….except on holidays! Of course, this isn’t everyone. I’m just saying. Bottom line, Valentines day is not a life or death situation. Just because you don’t have a valentine doesn’t mean you’re a loser/unwanted/unloved. It just means you haven’t found someone yet to “celebrate” this holiday. Life will move on and for those who still want to bitch at me about this…when you wake up on the 15th of February, it will STILL be Singles Awareness day 🙂 So Enjoy.


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  1. Ha! I REALLY hate it when people call it Singles Awareness Day too. I actually really like Valentines Day. I couldn’t care less if I’m single or taken on that particular day. I think it’s just a fun holiday, and besides there are plenty of other important people in your life even if it currently lacks a boyfriend/girlfriend. No reason to be bitter all day long.

    • Heh. I’m glad someone agrees. A lot of people get really angry when I say that. I still just ‘celebrate’ it with my friends by pigging out on candy and watching stupid chick flicks and making fun of them. No reason for it to be a bad “holiday” if you’re not dating. Thanks for commenting. I’m glad someone is level headed 🙂

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