Pardon the Pun

This is a poem I write a tiny bit back on deviantart. I like it a lot and it’s something that comes to my mind often. It came to my mind today which is why I’m sharing it now instead of another time. It’s how I feel about life and a lot of things in general. Everything falls asleep apart eventually. Life goes on. That’s how things go. A lot of people are softies and can’t handle the harsh realities of life. Perhaps that’s why I’m the way I am because I have dealt with a lot in my life. Maybe it has hardened my heart, but I have learned a lot. I would have rather gone through those things and come out a stronger person…than never having had dealt with anything. Those are the people that don’t know how to resolve conflicts or even DEAL with conflicts. It’s all in perspective I guess. So, this poem is the result of a lot of  musings of how humanity often works.

~Pardon the Pun~

by ~Medoriko

People can coexist for a short time
But it is destined that one should destroy the other.
His expertise at prestidigitation
Making her disappear.
Like a prayer
A secret untold.
Playing Poker in Worcester
Under a starless sky
Gambling for esteemed trust.
He knows that she is fragile
Just as surely as he knows the moon
rises at night.
So easily abused
And tossed away
Like violets in a lily valley.
In a place where she doesn’t belong
A place she couldn’t begin to exist in.
Unable to learn  invaluable lessons
Unable to see that everything crumbles
Crashes and burns.
As it should.
Such is the nature of existence.
You pick yourself up
To put it back together
But it all falls to pieces anyway.
Because it has to.


If you want to read more, my deviantart account is in the links portion of the blog. Thanks~


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Yours truly. A somewhat cranky, highly sarcastic, but usually mild mannered poet with a love for Coheed and Cambria, body modification, smoothies, video games, a good book, and vegetarian delights. I love being an Oreo, and I hope you'll love me for it too

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