30 Day Music Challenge: Day 18~

  • Day 1-17:

    Day 18 – A song that you wish you heard on the radio


This one is irrelevant to my life because as I said in the previous post that I don’t listen to the radio much…however, I was listening to a song as I was thinking about this and it seems to be a good fit. The one song I’d want to hear on the radio, if anything, would be “In a Jar” by Brand New. Brand new is not the most known band but they are nothing short of amazing. Every album seems to be so different from one another yet nicely tied together. I like that they’re not hugely popular because it’s a nice rare gem that I have that none of my friends have. 🙂 I like the small amounts of screaming in the chorus, it’s a nice touch without being too overdone. It’s worth listening to. So! Here’s the link. Also, what songs would YOU want to hear on the radio that normally isn’t? Feel free to share. Bye Bitches ❤



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Yours truly. A somewhat cranky, highly sarcastic, but usually mild mannered poet with a love for Coheed and Cambria, body modification, smoothies, video games, a good book, and vegetarian delights. I love being an Oreo, and I hope you'll love me for it too

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