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Music of the Week

So. Because I love music so much…and need an excuse to get back into being on wordpress…I will have a song/album/band/artist of the week. Basically anything that has stuck out to me or…just something I think is worth mentioning music wise.

So for this week…even though it’s Saturday ( I jumped the gun, I got excited)…I think I will start with what I have been listening to a lot lately for whatever reason. I will actually give two songs.

1) Arms by Christina Perri. I had never heard of this girl before…and I had only heard of her because a) her song Arms is used in the commercial for the show “Disappeared” b) She sang on Dancing with the Stars. The ONE time I watched it. Her style of music is a minority in my massive music library BUT I know what sounds good. She has a beautiful voice and I feel like her music is honest (which is rare often times). Arms is a nicely written song, and I feel somewhat connected to it. I also respect her as an artist. She kind of looks like Rogue from X-men…and I like her tattoos. Maybe she just appeals to ME. Who knows. Either way, I think it’s worth listening to. It’s kind of “soft”-ish but it’s a nice alternative to the crappy pop artists out there. As far as I see it.

Link: In case you were curious 😉

Now…a song that is more along the lines of what I typically listen to. Another song I have been listening to a lot lately.

2. Cancer by Sick Puppies. It’s not a new song or anything, but still a great one. I don’t know if a lot of people have heard of Sick Puppies…which is sad, because they need to. I think they’re a good quality band in their own right. Their album “Dressed Up As Life” is a good album to listen to. I think its the best album to sum up what they’re capable of. The song itself reminds me a lot of how people can be today…as a side note.

That’s my Music recommendations of the week!


Knitted Bracelets

Knitted Bracelets

Another Early Christmas Gift for a Friend. They’re quick to make.

Phone Sock

Phone Sock

Early Christmas gift for a friend.

Waffle Scarf

Waffle Scarf

First Scarf I ever made. Gave it to a friend.

Hurricane Hat

Hurrican Hat

Second Hat I made…turned out far better than the first.

Complete and Total Chaos (The Quick Version)

Ok. So I spent an immense amount of time typing up an update and hit the wrong button and all of it got deleted…SO, I am going to do this AGAIN but in a more condensed version because I am not about to spend another 30 minutes re-writing everything.

Ok. The pros and cons of the past 9 months


1. I have polymyositis: a chronic inflammatory muscle disease. Due to that I am temporarily disabled and in a wheelchair until I can get my muscle strength back. It sucks.

2. I live in a crazy nursing facility. The workers aren’t bad, it’s just the residents gets on my fucking nerves. Basically.

3. My mom died in the midst of all this insanity. I miss her a lot…

4. It’s taking a lot longer than I’d like to rebuild my muscle strength back. I’ve been patient but…come ON.

5. I am terribly nervous and intimidated about going back to school in my….new disabled condition. Granted, I don’t physically LOOK sick…but you can tell somethings wrong once I try to do something like…raise my arms above my head (can’t do still) or…if you watched me get out of bed..or try to raise my legs up high. Things like that. Those things still give me trouble.

6. I can probably kiss my marching band career goodbye. Bummer…

Pros!: Something Positive, yay!

1. I still have my awesome boyfriend of 6 years AND he is visiting me in April ❤ While all the people who had shit to say about my relationship are “surprisingly” single (still) 🙂

2. I’m still fucking cool as shit.

3. I AM going back to school in January and can kind of have a life back. Even if it’s a bit different.

4. I have the best bestie in the entire world.

5. I can at least try to be apart of the marching band, even if i Can’t perform

6. My mom left everything to me…so at least I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to take care of myself.

7. I started Knitting and I have been making all types of awesome things. I should post pics…I think I will.

So. I’d say that the good out-weighs the bad in this instance…or at least that’s how I choose to see it. Dunno. In terms of restarting this blog….I will continue to post things related to music (duh) and funny/cool stuff I find on the awesome world wide web, things related to games, random shit AND my knitting stuff. Till then. ❤