Music of the Week

So. Because I love music so much…and need an excuse to get back into being on wordpress…I will have a song/album/band/artist of the week. Basically anything that has stuck out to me or…just something I think is worth mentioning music wise.

So for this week…even though it’s Saturday ( I jumped the gun, I got excited)…I think I will start with what I have been listening to a lot lately for whatever reason. I will actually give two songs.

1) Arms by Christina Perri. I had never heard of this girl before…and I had only heard of her because a) her song Arms is used in the commercial for the show “Disappeared” b) She sang on Dancing with the Stars. The ONE time I watched it. Her style of music is a minority in my massive music library BUT I know what sounds good. She has a beautiful voice and I feel like her music is honest (which is rare often times). Arms is a nicely written song, and I feel somewhat connected to it. I also respect her as an artist. She kind of looks like Rogue from X-men…and I like her tattoos. Maybe she just appeals to ME. Who knows. Either way, I think it’s worth listening to. It’s kind of “soft”-ish but it’s a nice alternative to the crappy pop artists out there. As far as I see it.

Link: In case you were curious 😉

Now…a song that is more along the lines of what I typically listen to. Another song I have been listening to a lot lately.

2. Cancer by Sick Puppies. It’s not a new song or anything, but still a great one. I don’t know if a lot of people have heard of Sick Puppies…which is sad, because they need to. I think they’re a good quality band in their own right. Their album “Dressed Up As Life” is a good album to listen to. I think its the best album to sum up what they’re capable of. The song itself reminds me a lot of how people can be today…as a side note.

That’s my Music recommendations of the week!


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