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Marcel the Shell…with shoes on. Funny stuff (to me at least)

Part one:

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I would like to first start off by saying: The Biology Dpt. at WIU is full of shit. I have been away (as I mentioned in a previous blog post) for a year due to serious physical illness. I am FINALLY returning in January…and of course, I’m already annoyed with registering for classes. There are only 7 classes left I need to take to fulfill my graduation requirements. My advisor and I had planned on splitting those as best as possible into two semesters. However, SOMEBODY thought it was a good idea to set my regristration date for Nov 21…now, I have a phone appointment today with my advisor because you are required to do so before signing up for classes. I went online today to pick out what I wanted (basically set up my schedule)…and I was “pleasantly surprised” to find that a good majority of those classes I was going to take (and others) were already closed. What.the.fuck. How is it that people I KNOW (who barely pass any of their goddamn classes) signed up before me? It’s bullshit. Seriously. My advisor better pull some strings cause I am NOT taking a semester of random bullshit classes for no fucking reason. What’s also funny is…my Microbiology minor requires me to take certain classes…why is it that NONE of those classes are offered this semester? Not one. Really? lol So thankfully I managed to figure it out where I can be taking classes that I actually NEED to graduate and still be full time. I also love how all the online classes, minus a few, were also all closed…or only for “undecided” students (fuck them). Hmmph. I didn’t want to totally fill my days with classes cause I need to take it easy since I’m STILL dealing with Polymyositis and will be then…so i can’t stress myself out that much or I’ll find myself BACK at home. So…I will be taking Oceanography (again), History of Earth (boring), Bacteriology (Yay!) and…some online course (I have a choice between Womens Studies, Comp Sci, Poly Sci, BusinessTech and Western Civilization). I figure I can take speech over the summer, and the other classes I need ARE offered in the fall so i guess that’s alright. My actual schedule isn’t TOO Bad. At least I don’t have an 8 am.

So it’s looking like:

Monday and Wed 10-10:50 intro to earth 11-11:50 History of Earth, 2-2:50 Bacteriology

Tuesday: History of Earth Lab 10-11:50, Bacteriology Lab 1-2:50

Thursday: 10-11:50 intro to earth lab

Friday: 10-10:50 intro to earth and 11-11:50 History of Earth.

Not too bad…who needs sleep anyway. I can sleep in on weekends 😛 /endrant

Stumble of the Week

Expectations versus Reality. I got a good chuckle out of it. Thank youuuuu StumbleUpon.

expectations-vs-reality-17-pics Feel free to Comment lol

Side note: I was talking to someone about Coldplay so…here’s a Coldplay Video 😀 Something Chill~