Daily Archives: November 21, 2011

Peoples Choice Awards

Ok Normally I don’t get into these kinds of things BUT…I was looking at someone else’s blog and it made me want to go for it. SO…for the PCA’s I’ll be voting for the following:

Anything that isn’t twilight
Harry Potter (Favorite Book adaptation and Favorite Movie)
House (for best Tv Drama)-Duh
Morgan Freeman (Favorite Movie Icon)
Hugh Laurie (Favorite Tv Drama Actor) ❤ ❤
White Collar (Favorite Cable Tv Drama)…though True Blood will probably win that one…lame.
NCIS (Favorite Crime Tv Drama) Of course ❤
Supernatural (Favorite Sc-fi)

I only voted in one part of the music section…because all of it was really mainstream and kinda lame.

So I only voted for Foo Fighters (Favorite Band) ❤


Music Monday (Holiday Edition)

For today’s Music Monday Selection…we’re talking Holidays! I’m already in the Christmas Spirit (sorry) but I don’t listen to traditional Christmas carols…soooooo I had to go in search of something different to suit my needs. So here are a few nice Rock/Metal Christmas Carols for everyone who likes to listen early (Yes I’m one of those people. Sue me) I’m feeling festive…as I sip my Peppermint White Mocha from Starbucks 😛 If you’re cool, like me, and listen to alternative type Christmas Carols and there’s some you know of, feel free to mention. I’m always looking for more. Thanks~

Christmas Rock Medley

Carol of the Bells

Christmas Medley  (Part 2)

We Wish You a Merry Xmas (Metal Version)

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (On Electric Guitar)

Side note…I think I may do a “Video Game” edition of Music  Monday…but I may do it before next Monday because I may not have patience enough to wait SO…we’ll see. Uh, yep lol