Daily Archives: November 28, 2011

Music Monday: Feeling Kinda Mellow…

I have been in a really chill mood today…and so far it’s reflected in everything I have listened to today. So, I figured I’d list a few songs in my “mellow” playlist…

1. Iron & Wine: Passing Afternoon (My favorite Indie Song)

2. Coldplay: 42 (Favorite Coldplay Song)

3. Coheed and Cambria: Pearl of the Stars

4. Goo Goo Dolls: Iris

5. Coldplay: Fix You

6. Coldplay: The Scientist

7. Iron & Wine: Swans and the Swimming

8. The Frames: People Get Ready

9. The Frames: True

10. Circa Surviva: Strange Terrain

Feel free to share what songs you chill to~


Youtube Friday (Also Late)

So for this youtube friday….I’m posting some classic and hilarious Whose Line! ❤ Please Enjoy in the genius improv. Thanks.


 (best of brad sherwood)

 (Sound Effects)

Stumble of the Week (late)

I’ve been so busy…lol I forgot to post what I found last week…so here we go 😛

This is a “Would you Rather” quiz type deal I found on stumble. At first I wasn’t sure about it and then I found myself answering more and more questions. I also like that it shows what other people have answered (shown as a percentage). So yeah, give it a go 😛

Would You Rather (click here)