Music Monday: Coheed and Cambria (aka Best Band Ever) Edition~

Coheed and Cambria

So.  It has been (quite) awhile since I have posted anything (Oopsy)…so I decided that for this Music Monday I will dedicate it to my favorite band of all time…Coheed and Cambria. I have loved this band since they went from being Shabutie to Coheed and Cambria back in 2001. Though I did like them as Shabutie. They decided to change things around a bit and then became a concept band (songs/albums based off the Coheed and Cambria comics created by lead singer Claudio Sanchez). Anywho, they are MOST known (especially by those with little ‘heed knowledge) for their song “Welcome Home”, which can be found on one of the Rock Bands if you so wish to play. I also believe they have their own DLC for Rock Band…side note. They’re one of the few legit progressive rock bands in my opinion, trying not to be TOO biased here 😛 Regardless, I have seen them on a few occasions and they have always put on a stellar show. They’ve toured with some other bands that I enjoy too…Avenged Sevenfold, Hell Yeah, Iron Maiden…to name a few. They are doing a show on May 11th in Illinois and I am SO SO SO SO there. I already got my ticket and I’m rearing to go. I haven’t seen them in two years since they did their “Year of the Black Rainbow” tour. So, I’m ready to have my mind absolutely B L O W N and be surrounded by other people who have excellent taste in music. I generally end up making friends at these events lol I think I will use my relatively new Coheed and Cambria tattoo as a conversation piece 😛 We’ll see. I only wish they were coming back to Lollapalooza this year since I am actually going (I missed them last time…bah :/).

~Instead of putting Welcome Home as the video I was going to post…I thought that would be too obvious. SO, Instead I’ll put my favorite song and then another one for balance. Enjoy~


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