Really interesting if you like snakes. Even if you don’t, still a good read.

Snake Buddies

The air was crisp yet refreshing, as I made my way through the tall grass and wild growing Black-eyed Susans and Daisies on my way to the large pond on our property in the Arkansas Ozarks. With my faithful fishing pole over my shoulder and tackle box in hand, I planned to spend this clear Spring Saturday catching an assortment of Catfish, Bass and Bluegill.

Though I was still only eight years old, I loved my solo adventures through the forest and down to the three acre pond at the base of our hilltop property. My pace quickened in anticipation of casting my line into the mirror-like surface of the pond and reeling in my first fish of the morning.

A soft, yet piercing squeal startled me out of my daydream, and I scanned the ground for the source of the blood-chilling commotion. Suddenly, and without warning, a jet blackā€¦

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