Om Nom Nom…pf changs.

This fridays Om Nom Nom is right out of a nice Chinese bistro called pf changs. I had heard of it before, and I know they  have little microwaveable meals you can buy at the store..but I had never been. I was out lunching with a friend and we decided to give it a go. I love chinese food and I had heard they’re really good. Needless to say, it was a great experience. The play itself looks gorgeous and it was fun eating out on the patio (that has shade, thank god. It was almost 90…). I had their mai thai for $8, which isn’t TOO bad. I’ve paid more for a cocktail that wasn’t as good as this one was. Anyway, this isn’t about drinks…so on to the food. Pf changs had a pretty good looking menu. I had a hard time actually picking out what i wanted. I was going to go with an appetizer with my meal, but I knew I was going to get a cocktail AND starbucks later…so i figured I should lay off the appetizer. Next time I go, I think I’ll try their calmari. Anyway, this place  has a lot of options for a wide variety of tastes in Chinese food. They have many varieties from  chicken, duck, beef, pork and shrimp dishes.

Combo Lo Lein (leftovers…the original plate was much bigger lol)



I eventually decided on the combo Lo Mein (combo being lo mein with beef, pork, shrimp and chicken). It was AMAZING. As hungry as I was, I couldn’t honestly finish it. They give you a lot on portions. I only ended up spending 25 bucks on everything, including my tip and tax. So, not bad at all. I ended up taking half of the meal home because there was so much in the dish. I would recommend it to anyone who has a chance to go. I don’t know other locations in other states but you can always go on their website and check to see if there’s one near you! On a side note, I might be going to pappadeuxs Creole and Seafood Kitchen tomorrow…so I might have something more interesting for next time. I’m becoming an amateur foodie….lol ~Good Eats~


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