Thirsty Thursday: Argo Tea

Today’s Thirsty Thursday edition will be some delicious drinks from Argo Tea. I have not frequented this nice tea cafe before a few days ago for two reasons: 1) Not close enough to any locations to really ever go 2) I”m a coffee person (Starbucks <3). However, I do like tea and had passed it a few times downtown and my curiosity was peaked. I checked their menu online and was pleasantly surprised at the selections they had.

They describe their drinks as:

We’ve created our own unique blends of Signature Drinks that are all naturally fresh, healthy and distinctive. Always made from real ingredients that are free of any artificial flavorings, colors or additives

I was automatically interested. When I got to the place, I was pleased with how damn COZY it was. It’s…a nice play to come and get a nice drink, maybe some food (I didn’t try any of their baked goods, or panini…but they certainly looked-and smelled-really good) and chill on your laptop (or read a book, etc). I was immediately comfortable. One thing I did particularly like about the place, other than the friendly staff, is that Argo Tea is a ‘Green’ business and advocates for sustainability. I thought that was pretty awesome. They have a bunch of other things there to buy too: teaware, loose leaf tea, etc. They also have nice cafe snacks you can buy, which I did. I ended up getting some biscotti, short bread cookies, and Nutorious Nut Confectious: Cranberry Orango Tango.


But, I digress. On to the drinks! They have a variety of drinks that I think most people would enjoy. They have some ‘milky’ tea drinks like their Red Velvet or their Chocolate Mint. But they also have some more fresh and light options like: Green Tea Ginger Twist, Tea Sangria and Hibiscus Steamer.

Chocolate mint and Tea Sangria


I ended up trying the Tea Sangria (shown on the right) and my friend had the Chocolate Mint. The Tea Sangria is hibiscus iced tea with fresh fruit. The chocolate mint is steamed cocoa with mint and tea. I had a sip of hers and of course drank all of mine. They were both absolutely delicious. I liked my experience so much that I ended up coming back to Argo tea later that day and got ANOTHER drink. I ended up deciding on the Red Velvet (not shown). It was sort of…my dessert for the day after having lunch at Jake Melnicks (which will actually be blogged about tomorrow on my Om Nom Nom of the week). It had a good balance of white chocolate and raspberry flavors. It was awesome. I will definitely be going back a few times this summer before fall semester starts. If you get a chance to stop by one (I”m not sure of all their locations), I highly suggest you do. ~Happy Sipping~



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  1. Tea. The best way to make my day so much better.

    Though we need coffee for you. That I know.

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