Om Nom Nom…at Jake Melnicks.

This weeks Om Nom Nom is my favorite so far. My best friend and I went to a nice little corner restaurant downtown called Jake Melnicks Corner Tap. They boast about having “The best Wings and Beer” in Chicago. I had heard of them from a few friends and they have taken first place at Wingfest three years in a row…so I figured I had to taste for myself. The place was pretty legit. I had a big appetite that day so I wanted to get a nice sampling of what they had. I did end up having a beer, and they have a LARGE selection of locally brewed beers. They were pretty tasty. I ended up sharing an appetizer with my friend: buffalo fries with bleu cheese. It was amazing. It had a great balance of spice from the buffalo and the nice taste of the bleu cheese. They gave us a lot too, so I ended up getting full after my beer and sharing the appetizer. I ended up having to take my wings home.

Buffalo Fries with Bleu Cheese. Yum ❀

A Nice local beer brewed right here in the Windy City. Perfect flavor (not too heavy or too light) and a light citrus kick. Loved it~

I ended up taking my wings home in a to-go container…and forgot to snap a photo of them…because I devoured them lol The wings were probably the best tasting wings I have had in an exceptionally long time. I got the combo: garlic cayenne wings and the spicy. I love spicy food and rarely will I come across wings that I think are actually spicy…but these were hot. lol My mouth was burning, but it was a good burn πŸ˜› They were also prepared well and tasted great. I will definitely be going back before summer ends, and try something else. My verdict? Do they have the “Best Wings and Beer” in Chicago? So far…I’ll say so. (Though Kumas Corner might give them a run for their money on the beer…) But we shall see πŸ˜‰ ~Eat it!~


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  1. Sounds nommy… so when are we going? Hmm? HMM?

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