Om Nom Nom: Kumas Corner

This weeks Om Nom Nom isn’t a particular food or recipe, but a haven of deliciousness. This week I’m talking about Kumas Corner. I had mentioned it previously, but it deserves it’s own post . It is STILL my favorite place to eat in Chicago. This genial metalhead tavern provides both a badass place to chill at but also mouthwatering burgers and beers. You will find burgers like the ‘Megadeth’ (burger topped with Chorizo and Red Potato Hash, Pico de Gallo, Cayenne Avocado Cream, Tortilla Strips), the Black Oak Arkansas (Red wine BBQ sauce, Bacon, Aged White Cheddar, and Alpha King Battered Fried Shallot Rings), the Metallica (Buffalo Sauce, Bacon, Bleu Cheese Dressing) and their famous Kuma Burger (Bacon, Cheddar, Fried Egg ). The list of the burgers they have is much longer, but those are just a few. I adore that they name these unusually topped burgers after metal bands/songs/albums etc.

The “Iron Maiden” Burger

The Slayer

The Infamous Kuma Burger

They have other food their too, if burgers aren’t really your thing. Their macaroni is absolutely divine and I like their appetizers. But be prepared to take some food home because they give hefty portions. To me, at least. The burgers are a  bit pricy (about 13 per burger), but again both delicious and a big portion.They have a full stocked bar but they’re better known for their beer. Note: they do NOT sell Miller or Budweiser or any other mass produced beer. They only sell beer that is locally brewed. Trust me, it’s still delicious. In fact, I happen to like the taste of the local beers better.I would recommend the Left Hand (from Longmont, CO) JuJu Ginger bottled beer. I like some of their other Ale’s and Lager’s. It’s fantastic.

Kumas Mac N Cheese

Jalapeno Poppers

Raspberry Ale

Only downside to such an awesome, metal based, tattooed staffed establishment is that it is rather small. They do have a patio during the summer months, which helps a bit. Regardless, you will probably have to wait a bit to be seated. So, patience is required…but it is WELL worth it. Side note: Though it is a bar/tavern type place, they will NOT turn on to sports…so don’t ask. Go to Buffalo Wild Wings or something, for that. They also will not take music requests (they keep their music strictly to hard rock, metal, and the like…but again, no requests). I never have a problem with that because most of the songs they play there, are the ones that I like. If it’s not your cup of tea, might wanna consider another venue.

…on a light day.

Lol Kumas be trollin’

It has been a most pleasant experience every time despite the waiting that has to be done. They usually try to get you to a table as fast as they can and I think the longest I have ever waited has been an hour. It was during the weekday and in the afternoon. I’d imagine you’d want to avoid the evening and weekends since people are off work and are more able to go. So, that’s a bit of a pro tip if you’re trying to go but don’t want to wait TOO long. Either way, if you’re looking for a unique place to chow down, Kumas Corner is your best bet. I’m hoping to go back sometime this summer myself. If you ever find yourself in Chicago, I hope you’ll do the same. You won’t be disappointed. Hungry yet? You should be. Go go go go. Cya next week!

In case you’re curious: Menu page: Kumas Burgers


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  1. So yeah…. I really want to go. Sounds amazing.

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