Music Monday: Iron and Wine

I normally don’t listen to much Folk or Folk Rock BUT…I absolutely love Iron & Wine and yep… so worth blogging about. For those who don’t know, Iron & Wine is the stage name for the American Singer-songwriter, Samuel Beam. As for the reason behind his stage name, I had to “google that shit”, to find out. The name Iron & Wine is taken from a dietary supplement named “Beef Iron & Wine” that he found in a general store while shooting a film. Random, but it worked out. Now, onto his amazing career. I’ll be honest. I had never heard of Iron & Wine before until the Season 4 Finale of House where they played the song “Passing Afternoon” as the scenes to the episode flickered onward. I was, uncharacteristically, in tears. The combination of both the situation going on in the last moments of the finale along with such a beautiful song was too much for me and I’m not the “crying type”-ever.


Samuel Beam released his first album, The Creek Drank the Cradle, back in 2002. He did everything from in his home studio: performed, recorded and producing the album. As a Folk/Folk rock artist he used a variety of instruments in his songs: acoustic guitars, banjo, slide guitars and various others. After the album was released, he was compared to the ranks of more well known artists like Neil Young or Simon and Garfunkel. In the same year he recorded a cover of The Postal Service’s song “Such Great Heights”. The song ended up being included as  “b-side” of the original version by The Postal Service. It was later on included on the album “Around the Well”.

His second album (my favorite) was released in 2004, titled “Our Endless Numbered Days”. This time he actually recorded in a professional studio…in Chicago, no doubt! It was still heavy on the acoustic sound but incorporated other band members to increase the sound. Later that year he recoded the song “The Trapeze Swinger” for the film, In Good Company. Also, his version of “Such Great Heights” was featured in an ad for M&Ms and was in the soundtrack for the Garden State movie.

The following year he released a few EPs: “Woman King” and” In the Reins” (a collab album with the band Calexico). Beam later released another full-length album entitled “The Shepherd’s Dog”. It was released in 2007 and was voted one of the ten best of 2007 by Paste magazine. Contributors to this album included members of Calexico and some jazz musicians: Matt Lux and Rob Burger.

After that his music appeared in random places like Greys Anatomy, The L Word and House M.D. It was even in Twilight (even though I hate Twilight…)

Beam recently released his 4th album entitled “Kiss Each Other Clean” back in January 2011. It has a similar acoustic style but infuses more of a pop influence.

The biggest strength Beam has in his music is his lyrics. His songs are so beautifully written and so moving.

I think I’ll end things as I normally do…with some links to some songs ❤

Enjoy the eargasms and cya next week!



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  1. I remember you linking me to them before.

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