Weekend Vacationing in ‘Hotlanta’

So. I got a chance to get away this weekend for once. I have not traveled in quite some time…at least two years or more. I have not had the time, money, or physical health to do so. So You can imagine how happy I was to be able to go away somewhere new, even for just a weekend. Sometimes that’s all you need. I went to a friends family reunion in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend. I was pretty excited but nervous. I’m a reserved person when I meet new people. Granted, I know a good number of them because I know the family well enough…but none of them had really seen me since I had gotten sick a year ago…so I was very apprehensive about the whole thing. I can kind of “clam up” in these social situations. But, it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. I didn’t die on the flight (I HAD a fear of flying…) and I was happy with the kind treatment from the airport workers with the powerchair situation. I had not flown since becoming ill, and wasn’t sure how it all worked. Either way, things went pretty smoothly. It was H O T as balls in Atlanta…but then again it was just as hot back home in chicago 😛 And humid too, jesus. It’s very pretty in Atlanta, where we were. I believe we were in the central downtown area. I won’t go into details about the reunion itself cause that part is irrelevant…but I will say I wish I had more time to go and do more touristy things. I didn’t really get a chance to. I mean I saw some things in passing in the car, I got to see CNN studio and went to Hard Rock Cafe. Otherwise, not much else. That’s my regret. I DID have a good time and enjoyed the weather, but I could have done that at home 😛 Next time, I’ll do a lot more. Oh, I also went to Centennial Park for a brief moment. Twas nice.

I’m in!

Hard Rock Cafe ❤

Souvenir Glass ❤

I have now been bitten by the travel bug. After coming back from my vacation, I know have this sense of adventure and want to see what else is out there. I would LOVE to go on another weekend trip before school starts…I really want to and if I can find someone to go with me, I just might. We’ll see. I AM planning on visiting my boyfriend in Canada for the Christmas Holidays this year AND going on a trip to London next summer before I have to start Grad school. I have never really traveled much and now I just want to see everything. If you have good suggestions of places to travel (for both a weekend getaway, or longer), feel free to let me know. 🙂



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  1. Told you flying wasn’t so bad ;P

    Definitely would love to see you at Christmas, I have your husky to hang on the tree. I think you’ll enjoy it here, even if my parents will be acting up or something 😉

    And besides, I’d still love to show you around town so you can meet my friends, see how things go around here, etc.

    • Shush. I have a fear of it. I always feel like if I go on a plane it’s going to fall out of the sky for no reason. Terrible lol But Im getting better. And yes, it’ll be a great time. 🙂

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