Om Nom Nom: Greek Islands

This weeks edition is from a restaurant I had heard so much about recently. I’m not sure why I have had such a taste for Greek food as of late but that’s what influenced me to look for some places in Greek town. My best friend and I were going out on another shopping/lunch/Starbucks adventure downtown and I had been asking around for good Greek restaurants. I kept hearing about The Greek Islands. I looked up their menu online and it looked like it was a great place to go. There were also a lot of really great reviews on (i love this site btw) for this restaurant. So, we ventured there for lunch.

If you are ever in Chicago (or you live there) and you like Greek Food, You HAVE to stop by here. The place is beautifully decorated in a Greek Theme, the workers are both friendly and quick and the food is the best. I’ve been to a few Greek restaurants and none of them were as good as The Greek Islands.

~Strawberry Daiquiri~

The strawberry daiquiri was really good: not too sweet and had just the right amount of alcohol in it. Expensive, but good. But I wouldn’t get two 😛

We ended up choosing Grilled Octopus for our appetizer. I had never had octopus before and I do like to try new things…even things that people might consider a bit “unusual”. If I’m going to a cool Greek restaurant, might as well try something different. I can get calamari anywhere, so I wasn’t up for that. It’s hard to explain what Octopus tastes like, but it was delicious. It wasn’t squishy as I had thought it would be. It had a tougher consistency than say, squid. It was still really yummy.

Grilled Octopus

After munching on some delightful octopus, I ordered some roast leg of lamb with a side of Spinach and Feta cheese pie. Oh, with a side of tomato sauce. The lamb was delicious: rich, juicy and tender. I love lamb and I always try to get some at restaurants that serve it. I’d have to say it was the best Lamb I’ve had. The spinach and feta cheese pie was also good. Even pouring the tomato sauce over it, it didn’t get all mushy (which I hate). The pastry remained ‘crispy’, if you will. I loved it and they didn’t skimp on the feta.

The random thing in the middle is a potato, by the way. It was yummy 🙂

My friend decided against getting a traditional gyro and ordered some kind of dish alternative type of gyro.

Can’t recall the name, but it was great…I snuck a bite.

Overall, I loved this place. Everything about it from food to service was exceptional. I will definitely try going back again if I have the chance and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something new. Till next week, happy eating! 🙂


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