About Me


CO&CA Forever ❤


❤ One Among the Fence. ❤ I L O V E Coheed and Cambria. Please believe me when I say this. It’s a problem lol 😛

Oh, I’m supposed to talk about myself. Right. Uh, well. I’m a conglomeration of things. I’m an “oreo”(black on the outside, white on the inside…lol yeah), a gamer, a poet, an avid reader, a faithful girlfriend, goth, a knitter, a nerd, a fan of tattoos and piercings (especially my own), a really awesome person and your worst nightmare (if you dare to cross me). Basically, I’m just me ❤ I hope this blog will open up my world into your own and you’ll see I’m not all that bad (usually). 😉

<—Me and the boy. ❤

  1. Your blog is awesome 🙂 I just posted your taxoplasmosis item on my Facebook page, with this comment: “Even more reasons to keep your cats indoors (apart from the likelihood of them being killed on the road. No, people didn’t steal your cat! It got hit!)” I guess we all have a ‘bitch’ side — even us in our 70s! Keep it up! (found u thru “My beautiful things”)

    • Heh! I’m glad you enjoy my blog! I haven’t been posting in awhile because I just started school again BUT I will be going back to regularly posting this week. So be on the look out for some new (hopefully interesting) stuff 😉 And lol at posting it on facebook. I got a chuckle. Nice to hear from you!

  2. Greating from a fellow Coheed and Cambria fan.
    My alarm on my phone is the opening to In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth 3, great song, I love Here We Are Juggernaut as well as Pearl of The Stars,.

    Great Blog and nice to meet you.

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