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Pardon the Pun

This is a poem I write a tiny bit back on deviantart. I like it a lot and it’s something that comes to my mind often. It came to my mind today which is why I’m sharing it now instead of another time. It’s how I feel about life and a lot of things in general. Everything falls asleep apart eventually. Life goes on. That’s how things go. A lot of people are softies and can’t handle the harsh realities of life. Perhaps that’s why I’m the way I am because I have dealt with a lot in my life. Maybe it has hardened my heart, but I have learned a lot. I would have rather gone through those things and come out a stronger person…than never having had dealt with anything. Those are the people that don’t know how to resolve conflicts or even DEAL with conflicts. It’s all in perspective I guess. So, this poem is the result of a lot of  musings of how humanity often works.

~Pardon the Pun~

by ~Medoriko

People can coexist for a short time
But it is destined that one should destroy the other.
His expertise at prestidigitation
Making her disappear.
Like a prayer
A secret untold.
Playing Poker in Worcester
Under a starless sky
Gambling for esteemed trust.
He knows that she is fragile
Just as surely as he knows the moon
rises at night.
So easily abused
And tossed away
Like violets in a lily valley.
In a place where she doesn’t belong
A place she couldn’t begin to exist in.
Unable to learn  invaluable lessons
Unable to see that everything crumbles
Crashes and burns.
As it should.
Such is the nature of existence.
You pick yourself up
To put it back together
But it all falls to pieces anyway.
Because it has to.


If you want to read more, my deviantart account is in the links portion of the blog. Thanks~


Putting it together

I’ve had this line in my head for awhile…it’s one I rather like. It hasn’t turned into a full piece, but I hope that it will. It’s actually in the about me section…

“I want to be the one under your skin, in the place you let no on else in” I changed it a bit…I like the addition of ‘else’ in there.  I’m hoping to have time to work on this, but I’m sure inspiration will hit me.
Inspiration is an unusual thing. It tends to hit me at random times…when I’m vacuuming, at 3:30 am, when I’m trying to accomplish something ELSE…Yeah. I have been trying various exercises to be able to be self-inspiring to write pieces. It’s in my hopes to be able to write more efficiently. I’ve taken quite the liking to doing word spills. This is where you go to a word document, turn the font to white, and just type for a set amount of minutes non stop. This will get all the ideas out of your head. Next, you turn the font back to color and edit it. It’s been really helpful and I have written some damn good poems this way. I got the idea on the wordspill group on deviantart, which is a great place ❤ This one I wrote, is my absolute favorite. This is the end result, after everything was edited.

Word Spill: Clock Work

Everything in life
Seems to be measured in time
The tick-tock of whatever’s left of
And no necessary promise for a better Tomorrow
We walk this earth
Holding on to what life we have lived
Dreams of a life we wish we had
What we want to do, and when we want to do it
But nothing is ever quite that way

Life, in itself
Is measured by day
Placing value on everything
So nothing is as ‘Humdrum’ as it seems
And no one could question
Our purpose or place

Everything is relative
And sacred
And significant
Every second we breath
Make a choice
Take a bow
Break a heart
But why do we nitpick
And dissect
And make excuses
Holding on to our stopwatches
Timing every error made by man
As the end of our days
Seem to be creeping up
And we’re beside ourselves
With worry
That the time we spend
The very moment in which we are defined
Means absolutely nothing at all

For every second we hold
Ourselves back
Worrying about what people will think
Or say
We lose a second of what could have been
Trying to decipher what is to come
Forgetting that there could be another day
To try again
To make things right
But we’re too caught up
In Clockwork


For those who like to write, or do any type of art, feel free to share what gets you inspired the most 🙂 I love to know how people find their “muse”, if you will.

Rawr ❤