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Top 5’s Thirty Day Challenge: Day 1 (Top 5 Favorite Excuses)

So I really like doing challenges…and I searched around for some I might like…I hit the GOLDMINE…but Had to settle on just one. SO. Since I’m really elitist in what I tend to like, I figured it would be great for me to do a challenge concerning my Top 5’s of various things. Here we go.

Day One: Top Five Favorite Excuses

1.  I was really busy (I’m sure you were)

2. Oh, my phone was on silent.

3. It’s not you, it’s me (has never been used on me but…I always find it a funny excuse anyway)

4. I’d hang out with you but…the doctor said I can’t have cheese on tuesday  (Don’t ask…my friend Dan made this one up LOL)

5. I forgot. (I use this all the time. People probably think I can’t keep a thought in my head).

😛 Any others? Feel free to comment.