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Knitting Overhaul Part 1

I have finally caught up on my knitting. I just hadn’t really taken the time to sit down and get back into my projects. I didn’t think I would have such a hard time reminding myself what the hell I was doing. πŸ˜› Once I picked the needles back up, I had little problem getting back into the swing of things. It has proven to be quite relaxing. I decided I would just work in a handful of projects for the next bit, even though the adventurous knitter in me wants to try every new thing I find. I also know that I will be working on gifts for a few people early so that they’re all ready for the holidays. But for now, I’m only working on a few things.

~For the record, I have only been knitting for about 10 months so it’s a work in progress. πŸ˜› I hope to continue to improve as time goes on~

Project 1: Socks

I had never made socks before and it was the next thing I wanted to try. Up until now I had become quite comfortable with making hats and scarves but I wanted to try something else. Socks just seemed like the most logical thing. I guess I should have gotten worsted yarn first to try…but I kind of jumped the gun and bought sock yarn. It is actually turning out quite nicely, with a few mistakes but I’m learning. I’m surprised I haven’t made any real errors thus far…and I just finished ‘turning the heel’. Not too shabby for my first time making socks. Here is what I have done so far:

K2P2 Rib for the Cuff

The body of the sock before the heel I knitted until It measured 10 centimeters. I didn’t want a super long sock for my first one πŸ˜›

Down to 2 DPNs now

Ready to ‘Turn the Heel’!

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to ‘turn the heel’ for the sock. I did have to sit down and concentrate through it, but It wasn’t as bad as it seemed. I made a minor error somewhere…but still not bad for a first time. It looks like what it’s supposed to look like, So I’m satisfied with that.

I’m nearly done with the sock at this point…well one sock that is. πŸ˜› I still have to knit the gusset, the rest of the sock and the toe..and of course stitch it up. All of which are new to me. I know I’ll be done with it by the end of the week and then I can start the second sock which I should be able to get through faster considering I have one under my belt…or on my foot, rather. So the other foot would like to match, me thinks πŸ˜›

Project 2: Block Blanket.

Pretty easy enough. I wanted to knit a blanket and I figured a Block blanket would be a good start. I would just knit 30 individual blocks and combine them. The only problem I had been having is just picking out so many different patterns that will lay nicely when knitted so that it won’t bunch up in the blanket. I’ve been successful for the most part, minus one mistake or two, but it’s not bad. I’m still learning so I’m going to be proud of it either way. The next one I do, whenever that happens, will be much better.

Progress so far:

Finished 5/30 Blocks.

Working on Block 6!

Project 3: Jester type hat…

I like making hats and this one seemed a lot more fun than the ones I’m used to doing. We’ll see how it turns out. This is more of a test run with some yarn I had lying around in my (small) stash…and I didn’t know what to do with it.

I’m at the point of where I can know knit the individual long points of the hat. I hope to get to that relatively soon.

Misc: Knitting Goodies πŸ˜€

I have been (slowly but surely) trying to add to my knitting arsenal. I have a good supply of bamboo straight knitting needles, ranging from size 0 to size 17…and a pair of size 50. I don’t have much in the way of circular or DPNS: I only have a size 7 circular and both a size 2 and 7 DPNS. I’ll just collect new sizes for DPNS and circulars as I need them for projects that require them. I also decided it would be nice to get a nice little knitting bag, bowl and accessories. In my search I found the Knit Kit by Martha Steward (go figure). I’m not so fond of the unnecessary and obnoxious pink color (which a carefully used sharpie won’t fix) but I AM fond of the contents within this.Β The front of The Knit Kit contains a durableΒ  row counter and a smooth retracting 5ft. tape measure. The left side of The Knit Kit has a fully removable crochet hook and the right side of The Knit Kit has a folding in-and-out thread cutter. The back compartment of The Knit Kit nicely houses collapsible scissors as well as point protectors and three different sized stitch markers. All in all, I like it with what I have used so far. It helps me keep up with my knitting whatevers a lot better.

Knit Kit, New DPNS, new knitting bag and the sock yarn I’m using for the sock Project πŸ™‚

Inside View

The next time I update for this post I SHOULD have at least one sock done and no idea about where I’ll be with the hat and blanket per say…but I assume I will have progressed in some way πŸ˜› Damn you summer business. Anyway, more later. Stay tuned!




Master of Scarf Making (Perhaps)

Just an update on the things I have been knitting lately. I have done quite a few scarves…I have gotten a lot faster at making them compared to before when I first started. So, yeah. Here are the final products~ If you want the pattern, let me know and I can pass it along.


Knitting Update…very late.

So. Just a quick rundown of some shit I have done since I had last posted anything….

Moving Up in the Knitting World (?)

So. I’ve been knitting for a few months…and I have knitted various things for people as Christmas gifts mainly. After making a crap ton of hats, someone suggested I try selling my hats on etsy (a website for buying and/or selling handmade crafts). I have purchased many things on etsy and I do adore the site…I just never considered selling my stuff really. I guess I just never think anyone would actually BUY what I’m selling. However, I figure it’s worth a shot…you never know till you try right? So, I think I’m going to give it a go. There’s a lot I need to research and figure out…but I THINK I can at least make a few sales πŸ˜› I just got to think of a name…any suggestions would be appreciated. I will be selling hats, if that helps. I want a name that will stand out. I guess I gotta look at other shops on etsy and see what names are out there…so I won’t be too similar. I also gotta see what I’m up I’m trying not to be discouraged before I even start. So yeah…that’s my plan for after the new year. I’m going to start planning NOW and then after the new year I will set up shop. So if you have ANY suggestions for names I could use, feel free to list them. If someone comes up with the one I actually pick…free hat for you. No, I’m serious. If I end up picking a name suggested here, then I will knit you a hat and send it to you. Not sure if that’s any incentive…I will have to post the other photo of the other hat I just finished making. Thanks Guys!

Knitted Bracelets

Knitted Bracelets

Another Early Christmas Gift for a Friend. They’re quick to make.

Phone Sock

Phone Sock

Early Christmas gift for a friend.

Waffle Scarf

Waffle Scarf

First Scarf I ever made. Gave it to a friend.