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12 Goals for 2012

Well, It’s a week away from Christmas…and nearly the end of the year…so I was doing a lot of thinking today. I have a lot to say about this past year overall but that’s for another entry altogether. However, I do have aspirations and whatnot for the upcoming year. So, I guess I’m just listing some of them…and also just for me to put it out in the open so I will feel liable to do them.

1. Go Back to WIU…In good spirits. I will be returning to campus but I have many fears and worries about how it will go. I don’t want to go back and be a hermit and hide away. I want to be as social as I was before I got sick. Granted, I HIGHLY don’t I’ll be setting foot into any bars because I would feel odd being in a bar in a wheelchair…but otherwise, I will try to be social in all other aspects.

2. Stress A LOT less. With my physical healthย  being down the toilet in comparison to when I was healthy…stress will only make me feel worth on a daily basis. So, I’m going to try to keep stress out of my life as much as possible. Especially if it’s over stupid stuff, like worrying about people judging me cause of the wheelchair and all that. Not worth it.

3. Start an Etsy Shop. So I’ve been knitting hats for awhile…well I’ve been knitting other variety of things but Hats seem to be what I do best (and fastest). Someone suggested that I sell my things on etsy…So I’m going to give it a go. It will take some planning because it’s not something you can just do on a whim. I’m working on a title for the shop and a tagline…then I gotta MAKE a good amount of hats to open the shop with…pricing, packaging and shipping, business cards to promote for when people get hats from me as gifts…to pass it to other people etc. So yeah…but it is something I wanna do.

4.ย  Get back into writing poetry regularly. I’ve been writing off and on…or I’ll have things written but I never get around to posting on dA. So. I want to go back to being more diligent in posting and being active in my poetry groups.

5. Buy more band t’s โค *not that it will be hard…* But try to buy more varieties…not just Coheed and Cambria.

6. Go to Lollapalooze.

7. Go On Vacation at least once. Which I will probably accomplish since I will probably be going to Atlanta and Detroit in July…and maybe N. Carolina.

8. Do something Charitable. I know some people who knit or crochet things and give what they make to shelters or an organization. I wanna do something good for people.

9. Participate in a blood drive. I don’t think I can give blood cause I’m anemic…BUT I can at least help with a drive.

10. Do one big knitting project for myself. I always do projects for other people…I wanna knit for myself. I also do things like hats and scarves…I want to do something that’s extensive and time consuming. I’m thinking a large blanket of some sort…

11. Buy a Fish…I don’t know why but I just want one.

12. Have More Sex. Yep I said it. And before you judge, it’ll help me be stress. I doubt my boyfriend will mind ๐Ÿ˜›


Stumble of the Week

Expectations versus Reality. I got a good chuckle out of it. Thank youuuuu StumbleUpon.

expectations-vs-reality-17-pics Feel free to Comment lol

Side note: I was talking to someone about Coldplay so…here’s a Coldplay Video ๐Ÿ˜€ Something Chill~


Complete and Total Chaos (The Quick Version)

Ok. So I spent an immense amount of time typing up an update and hit the wrong button and all of it got deleted…SO, I am going to do this AGAIN but in a more condensed version because I am not about to spend another 30 minutes re-writing everything.

Ok. The pros and cons of the past 9 months


1. I have polymyositis: a chronic inflammatory muscle disease. Due to that I am temporarily disabled and in a wheelchair until I can get my muscle strength back. It sucks.

2. I live in a crazy nursing facility. The workers aren’t bad, it’s just the residents gets on my fucking nerves. Basically.

3. My mom died in the midst of all this insanity. I miss her a lot…

4. It’s taking a lot longer than I’d like to rebuild my muscle strength back. I’ve been patient but…come ON.

5. I am terribly nervous and intimidated about going back to school in my….new disabled condition. Granted, I don’t physically LOOK sick…but you can tell somethings wrong once I try to do something like…raise my arms above my head (can’t do still) or…if you watched me get out of bed..or try to raise my legs up high. Things like that. Those things still give me trouble.

6. I can probably kiss my marching band career goodbye. Bummer…

Pros!: Something Positive, yay!

1. I still have my awesome boyfriend of 6 years AND he is visiting me in April โค While all the people who had shit to say about my relationship are “surprisingly” single (still) ๐Ÿ™‚

2. I’m still fucking cool as shit.

3. I AM going back to school in January and can kind of have a life back. Even if it’s a bit different.

4. I have the best bestie in the entire world.

5. I can at least try to be apart of the marching band, even if i Can’t perform

6. My mom left everything to me…so at least I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to take care of myself.

7. I started Knitting and I have been making all types of awesome things. I should post pics…I think I will.

So. I’d say that the good out-weighs the bad in this instance…or at least that’s how I choose to see it. Dunno. In terms of restarting this blog….I will continue to post things related to music (duh) and funny/cool stuff I find on the awesome world wide web, things related to games, random shit AND my knitting stuff. Till then. โค

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 15 (Song that Describes Me…)

  • Day 1-14
  • Day 15 โ€“ A song that describes you

Now, upon first instinct I was going to put “Mother Superior” by Coheed and Cambria…because I’m a fucking alpha female rawr…lol Um. But then I realized I already put that one and I promised to be as original as possible and not put any duplicates. SO! I have to pick another song. Sorry Claudio โค I think I’ll go with “New Born” By Muse from their Origin of Symmetry album. This song is basically about struggle, at it’s best…when you’ve “seen too much”. I’ve been through a lot in my life. I’ve lost a lot of family members, dealt with cancer, dealt with self esteem issues, depression…I’ve gone through more than a person probably should by age 22. Yet, I’ve come out of it a stronger person who can deal with what life throws in the way. I also think this song isย  just bad ass anyway because Muse is fucking awesome. I like listening to this song to remind me that even though I’ve endured a lot of hurdles, I’m not fucking dead. ๐Ÿ˜› It’s somewhat inspirational, I think. But it’s hard to relate to if you’ve never really had it hard. But I think it’s a song everyone can like at least on a musical level ๐Ÿ˜€ There, enough soul sharing for one day. Here’s the vid, it’s pretty damn cool…but a bit odd. Enjoy!