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My Gripe On…Twitter.

Now, I’ll be clear before I go into this post. I’m not bashing twitter. That is not the point of this post. I’m really more going to blog about those who just go overboard with their tweets. I can’t possibly ever bash twitter since I DO have one. So, don’t get the wrong idea.


There are some things that people on twitter do that just annoy the piss out of me. Yes, it is their twitter. And, yes, they can do with it how they please. I’m just going to gripe about it, that’s all. I think the thing that annoys me most about people on twitter is that they tweet about E V E R Y T H I N G. I mean, absolutely everything under the sun. I don’t even mean interesting things. People seem to use twitter to tell the rest of the world every single thing that they do at every single moment of every single day. It makes me dizzy. I may be guilty of it from time to time, to an extent. I usually tweet about activities for the day (like If I’m going out with friends, or on vacation. etc), or funny stuff that goes on during the day, or stupid (but funny) stuff my friends and I say. Otherwise, that’s about it.

I don’t tweet about the egg salad I had for lunch. Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw it in my twitter feed.

Here’s a day of tweets that I would hope to never find…but feel like it exists somewhere in the Twitter-sphere:

woke up today. #praisejesus #mylifeissoamazing

Drank some milk #ilovecows #calciumisyourfriend #refreshing #doesthebodygood

Eggs are fucking delicious #thankgodforchickens

Walked to work today #sofit #teambody #iwouldhavetakenthecarbutithasaflat

Got fired #fuckbitches #ihatemyboss #unemployed #cantpaytherent

Gotta pee #8ouncesofwateraday

Got laid #likeaboss #gettingitin #imnotawhorebag

Bedtime #catchingsomezs #suchalongday #gottafindanewjobtomorrow #praisejesus

Makes me want to punch somebody. Please excuse the exaggerations, but SOMETIMES some people are dangerously close.

Now, this isn’t a rule that applies to everyone necessarily. Some people really DO have lives that are so fascinating, that they probably should tweet about just about everything they do. However, it seems that those that have the LEAST interesting lives have a twitter. Now, whether or not they tweet a lot depends on the person. I know I have recently found out that some people I know have twitters and I’m not sure why that is. Their facebook is a big enough yawn fest…so it makes me wonder why they would tweet about. More uninteresting things?

Sitting at home reading about “super cool” inanimate objects #imsofreakingawesome

No, no you’re not. I’m not telling people how to do their own shit or anything. Just saying. We don’t need to know ALL your business. You might as well send tweets like: Wiped my Own Butt #likeaboss.

Or something. I don’t know. Though, sometimes I do get quite tickled at some of the tweets I see. So I guess I’m just a picky bitch at best. I should write a Tweet Etiquette book or something, for fun 😛 I mean, it’s kind of like when people say they get irritated when they see depressing statuses…and when you ASK what’s wrong…they say they don’t want to talk about it. THAT drives me up a wall. Or, the person who always has a status about the same thing that you can’t stand to begin with. It’s like, YES I know you like school, but don’t you have a LIFE? Or…those who always complain in their statuses. Or…the people who have those really trashy facebook profile pictures. It’s like that…but for twitter. 😛

Don’t take this to heart or anything. Most times I actually just only pay attention to the people I follow who actually have something interesting to tweet about. All the other shit I just pass over. So, it’s nothing personal. 😉 So Yeah…

~Until Next Week!~


My Gripe on…group work.

I hate group work. Don’t ask where  this particular rant is coming from because I’m not so sure myself. But the fact remains the same, I hate group work. I have been plagued with working in groups, as most students have, throughout my academic career. It wasn’t so bad during grade school, but it started to get worse in high school. In college? Probably the worst. I’m a senior in college now, with one semester left, and I look back at my group work experience and cringe. I consider myself to be both ambitious and hard working when it comes to most things, especially academics. I’ve always made excellent grades and it’s in part because I put in a lot of effort. I am also a bit of a control freak. So, it comes as no surprise that I don’t appreciate working with others as opposed to working by myself. I am ALWAYS stuck with the type of students I can’t stand worth a damn.

Student type 1: Slacker girl/guy who is just there because he/she has to take whateverthisclassiscalled-oology 200 and has zero intention of: putting in effort, trying to even KNOW what in the  world the assignment is about, and is totally satisfied letting everyone else take up the slack. These students will either screw it all up, not do anything at ALL, or half ass the entire way by not being prepared, etc. Needless to say, I don’t get a long with these type of people much. I normally don’t say much (I’m like the quiet storm, unless provoked) but I’m internally damning said person who is sitting there texting instead of doing anything worthwhile. Either that or mentally trying to shove the phone up their…nose. 😛

Student Type 2: The dumbass. Ever been in a class with a person that you weren’t sure if they had a brain in their own head? I don’t think there’s enough numbers in the world I can count to…to even try to attempt counting how many people I have encountered in this category. It’s both amusing and painful. Amusing because I always get a chuckle listening to the resident ‘airhead’ try to deciper things…and then fail epically. Yet, it’s painful to be STUCK with said person and having to work with them. It’s not so much the lack of effort as demonstrated in Student 1…BUT, sometimes it’s frustrating working with someone who can’t rub two brain cells together. Most of the time, I have to keep myself from head desking a dent into my own head.

Student 3:…another overachiever. Which is not a problem unless the person is the competitive type. Then we have issues lol Control freak, remember?

For the most part I have managed to wiggle my way out of group projects. Half the time the other person or people end up not doing anything, so I just request to do my own portion myself. I feel like group projects are some sort of punishment or torture concept invented to spite me. If it goes well, then no problem. But when it doesn’t…it REALLY doesn’t. It really grinds my gears that someone will put forth minimal effort into something, make ME do the work, and still get the same good grade as I did. It puts one in a bad situation. You want them to fail…but that would mean that YOU fail as well. Which for me, is not acceptable on any planet…I’d rather douse my head in gasoline and light a match then sabotage myself.

I think teachers need to put all the slackers and dipshits (for lack of a better name) together in their own group and just see how it goes. I think it would be fantastic and would make for great television. I think we could make some serious money off that. I mean it would probably be more entertaining than some of these other lame reality shows. If I hear about another House Wives of blahblahblah county again, I think I’ll gouge my eyes out.

What I don’t understand is WHY. WHY on earth are people satisfied with half-assing everything? I don’t understand why anybody is okay with being dead weight. I guess that’s just how things are? I don’t know. I have one semester left in undergrad college and I’m crossing my fingers that I won’t have to be subjected to anymore group projects. Of course, then I realize that I will have to work with others in my career. Well, so much for that. I am optimistic that I have a better chance of working with people who actually want to get things done because they’re actually adults. Who knows. I guess only time will tell. Until then, I guess I’ll try to refrain from pulling out every strand of my own hair in frustration at another late night of picking up the slack.


Side note: YOLO (You only live once) is Carpe Diem for Stupid people. Well said Jack Black, well said. I’m so entirely irritated hearing that. Please stop taking the first letter of every word of every phrase (that you didn’t even come up with yourself) and putting them together. It’s called an acronym and this one is not even clever. Stop it. Seriously.
See you next week. ❤

My Gripe On…people who try too hard.

This won’t be an incredibly lengthy rant cause I know I could go ON about this. I have come across a lot of people in my life, and even more so when I got to college 4 years ago. I have always acted how I have wanted to act. In that I lived in a neighborhood where all the black kids were ‘ghetto’ and listened to rap etc. Now, to each their own I suppose. But, I have never EVER cared for that type of lifestyle. I have always been ‘picked on’ (not that I cared) by the other black kids for not being “black enough”…whatever that means. I guess because I wasn’t into rap, didn’t talk the way they talked and like the things they liked. I was always into rock/metal etc, shopped at Hot Topic and such stores, dressed punk/goth, been into sciency nerdy stuff and video games. Those sort of things. But, despite being alienated from my peers, I rather enjoy being the “me” that I am. I like being that “weird” kid that they avoided. It was much easier being myself when I got to college. Mainly because I had the money to buy my own things and didn’t have to try to negotiate with my mother…

Once at college, things kind of just went all over the place. I pierced and tattooed myself into a happy oblivion 😛 My closet is a happy little black hole of band t’s, tripp pants, and converse…just as I like it. I appreciate those who aren’t afraid to be themselves. What I DON’T appreciate…are people who purposely try to stand out so they can look “cool”. I have met people who were one way when I met them…and then just totally change to be more like the people they want to hang out with. It makes no sense to me. I was friends with a person like that. She was one way when I met her and I liked her as she was. But she always tried too hard. Whenever I was hanging out with another friend (one in which had a lot in common with me), she would always try to change her opinion or appearance to appeal to us better. It got worse within the last year of knowing her. Whereas before she was more modest…NOW she wants to be “hard core” (as she calls it, but she never has the balls to go through with half the shit she claims she wants to do), always has to show off when she gets something newly pierced…which so far is just her ear…and her nose (which she got a stud in cause she was too scared to get a hoop).

If that was what she was into, that would be fine. But she’s always looking to me or someone for validation that we think it’s cool that she did that. Yet, to be frank, nobody gives a god damn. I like to get my piercings and tattoos for myself. I don’t go around intentionally letting the ENTIRE WORLD know that I got something done. It’s just normal for me. I’ve had piercings for awhile anyway. I have snake bites, and my nostril pierced with a hoop in it. I also have 6 hoops in my ear, and an industrial. I also have 3, going on 4, tattoos. These are things that I like. It’s my style and I don’t need to have anyone validate me.

I find it sad that she and some other people I have met feel that they can’t be themselves. It’s not even just that. I knew she was never a drinker. Granted, I am not the biggest partier ever. Before I got ill and became disabled (for the time being), I’d go out maybe…twice a month with friends. If i drank but didn’t go out, we’d just chill at my place. But I was never a crazy partier. She had always harped on how she wasn’t going to drink when she turned 21 and almost acted like she was superior to the rest of us who did drink (even though we were of age). Yet, when she  DID turn 21 she was asking if I could hang with her so she could get drunk…BUT didn’t want her other friends to know she drank. That seems a bit off to me. I wasn’t going to have anything to do with that. I just wish she’d just let it go and just be herself. There is nothing wrong with being yourself. Even if that means being a “loser” or a “nerd”. So…that’s my rant/gripe of the week. Don’t mind me lol

Me…and the boy. This was before I got the rest of my facial piercings. lol Outside of my dorm ❤

I’ll be the best loser-nerd-gamer-punk-goth-whatever-oreo-nonblackperson I can be…and leave it at that. Enough Said.