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Thirsty Thursday: (Belated) Tazo Tea

I have been so busy this week and didn’t have time to post a few blogs this week…so now that I have a bit of time, I am catching up. Ugh summertime. I digress. Moving right along to what I should have posted yesterday. I realize most of the drinks I post are coffee related drinks. So, I decided to post something for the tea drinkers out there (as lame as you are. Jk :P). Actually, I like to try to mix things up every now and then. Keeping that in mind, this week’s drink is from Starbucks (surprise surprise). I really like Tazo tea and I usually buy Tazo tea loose leaf tea by the containers for the fall and winter.

I was in Peoria not too long ago with some friends and saw that Starbucks has both Iced Tazo tea and Iced Tazo tea with lemonade. I like my iced teas with a good amount of sweetness so I decided to try it with lemonade. I originally had the Passionfruit tea with lemonade and let me tell ya…it was AWESOME. Probably one of the best non-coffee drinks I had had in a long time. The blend of the passionfruit tea with the lemonade made for a sweet, but not overly sweet, combination. The lemonade kept it a bit tart, so that might have helped. It was great and a lot cheaper than their other drinks at the same size. It’s also a healthier options than their frappuchinos, not that I care…but a nice side deal I suppose.

Awww Yeah~

A few days ago, I decided to get another Tazo tea with lemonade but I wanted to try a different tea blend. Starbucks gives you the choice of passionfruit, black, green and peach tea. I figured black tea and lemonade would  make for an interesting mix, so I went with that. It isn’t as good as the passionfruit but it’s still really tasty. Sooo refreshing ❤ Especially on these hot summer days. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys delicious and cold iced teas. Go try some. Go go go! I think I’ll try green tea next but in the mean time… Happy Sipping 😀