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Music Mondays: N64 Edition

So. I’m sort of in the mood to do another video game music edition of my Music Mondays. I didn’t put too many songs in the first one, so we’ll just disregard that blog altogether. Alright? Splendid!  Oh, and I hope that this one will be more pleasing considering I’m trying to add more variety to this one. All of these will be from N64 games. I’m nostalgic it seems. Anyway… Allons-y!

Legend of Zelda: Legend of Zelda (OOT, in particular. But Majora’s Mask was also good…) is my favorite video game of all time. It also doesn’t help that the in-game music was/is so ahead of it’s time. The Ocarina songs are the most noted and the best sounding. I applaud the makers of the game and the ones who created these delightful ‘ballads’.  As it so happens, I’m a sucker for creative remixes…so it comes as no surprise that I managed to track down some nice rock/metal remixes to some Legend of Zelda songs. Enjoy!

Majora’s Mask Metal Medley. (And If you’re a big enough Zelda fan, you’ll recognize the music even with the metal touch…)

Metal Zelda: Gerudo Valley Theme: If you played…you may remember Gerudo Valley. 🙂

Hyrule Theme: …Hyrule. I don’t need to explain.

Last but not least: Ocarina of Time Warp Songs (Metal Cover): No explanation needed ❤ Just enjoy. Side Note: My favorite is both the Bolero of Fire and Nocturne of Shadows 🙂 No surprises there.

Banjo Kazooie/Tooie: I loooooooooooooooved Banjo Kazooie (and Tooie) for the Nintendo 64. It was one of my favorite adventure type games. I was so beast at it too. I still own both of these games because they’re classic and still fun (I don’t care how advanced video games get…not to say I don’t absolutely love current games). Anyway, most of these are the original but I think I have one remix in here somewhere. Enjoy!

Gruntilda’s lair Medley: All In One! If anyone played this game, you may recall that this game had the EXACT same jingle when you entered the start of a new world. It was the same jingle as when you entered Gruntilda’s lair…but for each ‘world’ it was tweaked a bit to sound reminiscent of where you were going. So…Mumbo’s Mountain sounded more tribal, and Treasurer Trove Cove had a pirate theme. Etc. Listen and you’ll see.

Boss Music: One of my favorite bosses from Banjo Tooie: Targitzan. Fucking love Trumpets ❤ Enjoy~

Lastly: Gobi’s Valley (Metal Cover):

Snowboard Kids 2: I L O V E D this game for the N64. I still have it too…it was so much fun. Another top game for the N64. The music for this game was pretty sweet too, I’d have to say. If you haven’t played it, I apologize to your childhood. At least you can enjoy the music 🙂

Intro: I posted a video to the actual intro, so you can watch to see what it looked like.

Snowboard Kids 2: Haunted Mansion. My favorite board. It had the best music and it was Halloween themed 🙂

Snowboard Kids 2: Starlight Highway. The hardest level…but the music was badass. So Space…like. 😛

Snowboard Kids 2: Final Boss. Your character vs. Damien Robot. Hardest part of the entire game (naturally) But so much fun. The music is great. I actually posted a video of someone actually playing the boss. So you can get a look at what the game is like when you’re racing. Enjoy! (P.S. It’s 7 minutes long, but the actual music and race itself is only 2 minutes…the rest is credits, so ignore the rest).

Super Smash Bros: Do I really need to say how AMAZING this game is? That, and I kick ass when I play as Kirby (followed by Link). Nothing else needs to be said. Please Enjoy.

Super Smash Bros Intro:

Super Smash Bros: Kirby Dream Land anyway? The best board in the game 🙂 I’m a bit biased…but whatever.

Super Smash Bros: Zelda Theme (Hyrule Castle): ❤

Mario Party 2:  I loved the Mario Party series, and I still do. I play the current ones for the Wii and 3DS but they don’t come close to the old versions from N64. Mario Party 2 is my favorite Mario Party of the entire series. Good times ❤ Please listen and enjoy!


Mario party 2: Horror Land (my favorite)

Bowser Land: Bowser is so bad ass. Just sayin.


I think this is a good place to stop. I could go on FOREVER with classic N64 games. I hope you all enjoyed this and feel free to share with anyone who enjoyed old games. See you all next time 🙂


E3 Day 2: Nintendo

I just want to start by saying that I was pretty pumped for the Nintendo conference at E3. There aren’t a huge amount of games I play from Nintendo. For the most part I stick to the Legend of Zelda franchise, Brawl, Mario Party and a handful of others from time to time. However, I always commend Nintendo for coming up with new and innovative (as far as I see it) games and consoles. I have to say overall I was pretty satisfied with what Nintendo had to offer. At least from what I was able to see. They did not go into great detail into absolutely everything they had, but that’s mainly because they wanted to spend most of their time on presenting the Wii-U. When I first heard about it, I wasn’t really attentive because I didn’t really know what it was. The Wii-U, which is set to be released around the holidays, is Nintendo’s next console. The controller with it (which people are most familiar with seeing probably) is now called the ‘Game Pad’. This is of course due to the pad shape of the controller.

It is tablet sized with clickable, dual-analog thumbsticks. There are a few fresh buttons, such as “TV,” and a hub for near-field communication. It looks SEXY…in black lol There is a white version too, but I’ll pass 😛 I got a bit psyched when they started mentioning games that will be released for the Wii-U. I BELIEVE they said it would be around 22 games: both first and third party games. They didn’t list all of them, but there were some that I think I would want. The New Super Mario Bros was the first to be presented. It has both the feel of the usual Super Mario bros, but with a twist with the capability of the Wii-U. With the Wii-U, you can play your games on the Game Pad WITHOUT having to have the Tv On. Which I think is kinda neat. If you use the Wii-U while others are using their wii-remote for Super Mario bros-U, the person with the gamepad can use it to place blocks and obstacles in the way of the other characters playing. There are a lot of other different things you can do with the Wii-U and it depends on each game you are playing. The other games I am looking forward to thus far are Batman Arkham City, Zombie-U and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I have always been a fan of Tekken and I have been waiting for Tekken Tag tournament 2.

I am not fully sure if I’ll get it for the Wii-U or If I’ll get it for another system. However, the concept of having it on the gamepad seems pretty cool. I always have the issue of wanting to play one of my console games….at the same time when someone wants to watch television. The Wii-U eliminates this issue, which I enjoy. I played most of Batman Arkham City, but never finished (it wasn’t my copy) and I planned on buying it for myself. I like how you can manipulate the gadgets in the game with a bit more precision using the Wii-U. Lastly, I love zombie games and Zombie-U looks amazing. I was surprised how great the graphics were. Nintendo generally have graphics that are light hearted, since most of their games are for the casual gamer. However, Zombie-U looks like something out of the realm of Sony or Microsoft.

I can’t guarantee I will buy it straight away. It comes down to what other games will be released for it, as well as the price. I heard rumors that it might be pretty expensive. I am hoping it’ll be affordable. I don’t mind putting down a pretty penny for games (i have a lot of consoles, and games) but with the holidays coming around…the only money I really have goes towards gifts for other people blah blah blah. So we will see. I will post a link for the video for anyone interested in seeing the Nintendo Conference but didn’t get a chance to. I know the 3DS conference is on tonight sometime…but I don’t own one so I won’t be watching. Overall, not the best E3 conference overall BUT….not bad. There are a lot of games I am looking forward to. Thoughts? Let me know what you thought of E3 this year, if you watched. If not, I suppose what you thought of what I said about the conference overall. If you missed my review from Sony and Microsoft, I posted it yesterday so it is the Day 1 Review. Go take a looksie 🙂

Oh. I really liked Zombie-U, so here’s the trailer to it from E3 😛

Here’s my list overall:

Fable: The Journey

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Beyond: Two Souls

Watch Dogs

Dead Space 3

God of War: Ascension

The Last of Us

Halo 4

Wii-U (possibly: Batman: Arkham City, Zombie-U, Mario Bros-U…maybe Mass Effect 3)

Here’s to a good year in gaming! ❤

Nintendo E3 Press Conference 2012




E3 2012 Day 1: A Review

So. I love video games lol I’m one of the slightly rare female gamers. And I just mean that because majority of gamers are still male. The few girls that I know play video games…play weak ass casual games (nothing wrong with those, I guess) and stuff like the Sims 😛 Which is alright i guess, to each their own? Don’t get me wrong, I do like those games too.  However, I like a wide variety of games. I enjoy the classics like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (my favorite game of all time), Mario Party, Kirby 64 etc. I like racing games…well actually just one: Burnout. I don’t like NFS, it’s not nearly as entertaining as Burnout. NFS might have pretty cars, but burnout has takedowns and crash mode. I like the whole rockband and guitar hero franchise as well. I also enjoy games like DragonAge, Skyrim, Final Fantasy and the like. Most of all, I like shooters. I LOVE shooters. Halo, Call of Duty, Fallout, splinter cell, and especially….Borderlands. I go through this explanation to really just say that: as a gamer, I keep up with games that are set to come up or consoles set to come out as well. So, it’s natural that I enjoy watching E3 every year. After watching coverage from today, here is my take:

Microsoft: really? Usher? Really? Ok, let me start over. Microsoft kind of sold out this year. In my opinion, at least. They spent more time talking about stuff like Xbox Glass, what MORE unnecessary stuff we can do in Xbox live, more ways of being “connected” with smart devices, blah blah blah than they talked about actual games. When they brought out Usher to perform once introducing Dance Central 3, I nearly lost it. Can we say sellout? This isn’t the fucking MTV awards, seriously. Usher, shame on you. Way to try to be relevant. If he was actually PLAYING the game, perhaps that might suffice (but why the need for celebrities and name drops?). Now, it wasn’t all so bad. There were some pretty slick games xbox will be rolling out next year that I want to buy. Splinter Cell: Blacklist looks SICK. I want this game so badly. I actually was never a huge fan of splinter cell. I had played it before but it was so-so for me. The newest once (coming out in 2013) looks amazing. I just might become a fan of it from this game.

Halo 4 also looks promising. I had been tired of Halo by this point…but the graphics and gameplay for Halo 4 might reel me back in. We shall see. Oh, and the new Tomb Raider looks great too. I am a bit annoyed that everyone is like “Uhhh…it’s just an uncharted wannabe”. Can we do a recap? Last I check, Tomb raider came B E F O R E uncharted. So don’t give me that shit. Moving right along…Microsoft showed us a lot of sporting games. That’s great if you’re into that. I like football a lot but I don’t think I’d sit back and play it for hours. So I’ll pass. Also, Black Ops 2….did we NOT see that coming? I already have Black Ops, and the gameplay didn’t seem remarkably different. So I’ll stick with the first Black Ops. Thanks. Resident Evil 6 looks pretty great too. I might be interested in getting that. Depends. So basically Splinter Cell and Halo 4 and maybe Tomb raider is all Microsoft had to show for this year. Oh! And let me not forget…Fable: The Journey. <—Pumped and buying this game when it comes out. Otherwise, Microsoft gets a mostly failing grade from me lol Maybe next  time.

Halo 4 Demo Gameplay:

EA: I usually hate EA. And I guess I still do. Well not hate, but they don’t put out games that I can honestly give a shit about. Again, not into sports and that’s mainly what EA is known for. Um. The only game they had that was worth noting was Dead Space 3. Dead space 3 will be awesome…and Co-op too. Everything else was sports and UFC…and Crysis 3 which isn’t bad, but not hot on my list. I suppose it wasn’t as boring and irrelevant as Microsofts coverage though. lol I WILL say I was NOT impressed with the new Need for Speed…it looks like another copy cat to burnout. If you’re going to be Need for Speed…BE need for speed. Don’t try to mimic burnout (but adding in cop cars, I’m not stupid). Not impressed.

Ubisoft: Ubisoft…thank GOD for Ubisoft. They really saved the day after a lackluster bit of coverage up until now. They have a handful of games that I thought were pretty damn great. They went over Splinter Cell again, and again…I was P U M P E D. Still. Moving on. Assassins Creed III doesn’t look half bad either…surprisingly. I liked the  first two, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to play this BUT…I am pretty  impressed with the game play. Again, not sure I’ll get it as soon as it comes out, but I will keep an eye out on it. Far Cry 3 was a snooze fast, so I don’t have much to say on that. The most exciting game Ubisoft has to offer is Watch Dogs. It looks so bad ass. To describe it, it’s somewhat in the realm of Heavy Rain. Very good storylines.

“The game’s near-future premise involves a single supercomputer controlling major cities. Our lives are controlled by computers, “but who controls the computers?” The game focuses on data turning against us. Data is interconnected and “everything can be hacked.” Straight from the conference coverage for  Watch Dogs. *shown above*

I love you Ubisoft ❤

Sony: I was very pleased with Sony, for the most part. They did very well this year. I got to see what I was expecting and some new things as well. Firstly, The Last of Us. I almost thought it was Uncharted for a second…but no, it is not lol I like the action and the fighting technique you can use in this game. I’m not sure if I’ll get it when it released in 2013 but…it is something I will definitely be looking closely at. Beyond: Two Souls looks good. It has an eerie feel to it. Feels Sci-Fi like. The main character wakes up with no memory of who she is. She appears to have these weird abilities and connection (I’m guessing) to whats “beyond” our human world. Seems legit. lol Wonderbook is a load of shit. Period. Um. God of War: Ascension looks killer. I want  that game so badly. The gameplay was amazing and the fighting was even better than the previous God of War. I guess I got turned into a fan girl. Oops 😉

Oh…one thing I did NOT like…was Playstation All-star Battle Royal. What a load of shit. It’s a copy cat to super smash bros brawl…and not a good one. The graphics were not up to snuff, in my opinion. I was so excited for it since some of my favorite characters from playstation games were going to be playable characters (Ex: Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal). Hell, the background was more exciting than the actual characters fighting. Sony can go somewhere with that. PS move still sucks and nobody cares. Uh…and both Hitman: Absolution and Borderlands 2…well, already on my pre-odered list. 😉 Oh, and Resident Evil 6…not too shabby. We’ll see.

All in all, not bad for a first long day of E3 coverage. I’m terribly excited to see what Nintendo will be sliding out at their conference tomorrow. Hopefully saving the best for last (even though I like sony and Microsoft more in terms of games…but Nintendo never fails to impress).

If you watched the coverage, let me know what you thought. Anything you liked? Anything disappointing for you? (Other than Usher dancing). Any games you were hoping to see but didn’t (….like GTAV). Let me know and i’ll see you all back here tomorrow for my review on Nintendo..and whatever else. 🙂 Au Revoir

For those who didn’t watch. You can still see everything that happened right here: E3 Conference Coverage


Youtube: theRadBrad

So. theRadBrad is my favorite person on youtube EVER. He does amazing ‘Let’s Play’s and video game walkthroughs with commentary. He’s hilarious. Simply. Hilarious. So, I’d highly recommend subscribing to his channel. Anyway, here is his ‘Lets Play’ montage. Enjoy!


Music Monday…Twisted Metal Edition

So. To begin, i am a HUGE twisted metal fan and have always been. So, I promptly purchased a ps3 in preparation for the new Twisted metal. Needless to say, the game is crazy and everything I had hoped it would be…well minus not having enough  main characters and story lines. However, that aside…it was fantastic. Now, the soundtrack for this game is amazing. Both the original and the licensed songs they have. I did find a playlist for all the original tracks for the game, but I’m just going to post the first song in the playlist and you can go from there to hear the other songs. This song is my favorite,  actually. It’s the main theme song/song you hear at the games title screen. Enjoy.


Music Monday…Video Game Edition~

So. Yeah I know it’s actually Tuesday but I’m always busy on Mondays it seems and never have time to get things done for my blog. Ugh. Well anyway. This Music Monday will be the Video Game Music Edition 🙂 I have a particular love for metal/rock versions of video game music…and the lovely people who produce them.

I will start with a Metal Medley from the greatest video Game series of all time: The Legend of Zelda. Oh, P.S…I’m pretty positive all of these will be older games (most from N64).

Next: Banjo Kazooie!(this is just a medley of all the Gruntilda’s Lair music…my favorite is the music for the Mad Monster Mansion)

Powerglove. Not much to say other than that Powerglove is A W E S O M E. So uh…here is the Tetris (Themes B & C) cover 🙂 Mmmm a bit of Tetris metal in your day. ❤

Halo theme song ❤