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Music Monday…Video Game Edition~

So. Yeah I know it’s actually Tuesday but I’m always busy on Mondays it seems and never have time to get things done for my blog. Ugh. Well anyway. This Music Monday will be the Video Game Music Edition 🙂 I have a particular love for metal/rock versions of video game music…and the lovely people who produce them.

I will start with a Metal Medley from the greatest video Game series of all time: The Legend of Zelda. Oh, P.S…I’m pretty positive all of these will be older games (most from N64).

Next: Banjo Kazooie!(this is just a medley of all the Gruntilda’s Lair music…my favorite is the music for the Mad Monster Mansion)

Powerglove. Not much to say other than that Powerglove is A W E S O M E. So uh…here is the Tetris (Themes B & C) cover 🙂 Mmmm a bit of Tetris metal in your day. ❤

Halo theme song ❤





It’s the Techno Viking.

So for youtube friday…I went back to an older video I used to lol at all the time a few years back…The Techno Viking. It just amuses me so…I hope it’s amusing for you as well. 😛


Youtube Fridays Bro…

Uh. So I have had QUITE the shitty day, as usual only WORSE than usual 🙂 So for this youtube friday…I needed something humorous just for my sake AND because I think people would appreciate this.

Balloonshop is a group of guys who make superb videos on youtube…they’re amazing. You should check them out for sure. Enjoy~