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Music Monday…Twisted Metal Edition

So. To begin, i am a HUGE twisted metal fan and have always been. So, I promptly purchased a ps3 in preparation for the new Twisted metal. Needless to say, the game is crazy and everything I had hoped it would be…well minus not having enough¬† main characters and story lines. However, that aside…it was fantastic. Now, the soundtrack for this game is amazing. Both the original and the licensed songs they have. I did find a playlist for all the original tracks for the game, but I’m just going to post the first song in the playlist and you can go from there to hear the other songs. This song is my favorite,¬† actually. It’s the main theme song/song you hear at the games title screen. Enjoy.



Knitting Update…very late.

So. Just a quick rundown of some shit I have done since I had last posted anything….